MAGUTA is an art project, which is grounded in music though spanning audio, literary and visual media. It is a work of art which synthesizes different art forms however the term Gesamtkunstwerk should be avoided due to the impulse or nature of the work itself – although it makes use of many art forms, it doesn’t strive to do so, and in no way can it be called ‘total’ or ‘universal artwork’. Coming from the darkest and loneliest places, this project was shrouded in mystery for years and deemed to stay anonymous, unnamed and unsigned and slip further into obscurity.

P. Maguta is the man behind this project. He is said to be born in Berlin in the early eighties, a free-spirited time, which stimulated his creativity. Starting to express interest to art and music from the earliest childhood, with (morbid) reluctance to fame or recognition, he became a figure who shared his works inside his private circle only, admired for his songs with uneasy, restless sounds, his vocal techniques and musical vocabulary, and his gentle yet strong singing voice. In his early stage he remained in total unknown, drifting across the world playing tiny rooms and basements, avoiding any kind of publicity or leakage of his work into Internet.